Barbie Knits

That black mass oozing from the secret storage compartment of my niece's Barbie Princess Tough Trike* is four, massive, 275yd skeins of vintage wool Spinnerin.  It's from the collection of yarn I rescued a few months ago and looking at the yardage and density of the weight, I am confident that I will have plenty for my Trina Cardi and then some.

It felt good not having to make the trip to the yarn store for this project. I wouldn't say I'm on a yarn diet per se, but there's really no point in buying anything when I have a crapton of quality stuff right in front of me that I got totally for free. Surprisingly, I had more yarn to choose from than I thought, but since Trina is going to be a layer instead of a statement piece, I settled on the plain black.  Also, digging through my rescued yarn was fun because it made me think about a lot of other knits to consider making later; a list of things I'll post another time since my fingers are itching to knit TC.

*I couldn't find anything better to display plain ol' black yarn for a perspective shot so I settled for this.

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