Sad Panda

Pictured above is my now useless 16 inch cord.

I think it's 16 inches.  Whatever.  It's the second longest cord in my Denise kit and, as it turns out, my favorite of them all since I overused to the point that the black connector thingy broke off.  I'm really not too bummed, aside from it no longer being a functional cord, because I'm sure I'll find other uses for it like trying on WIPs or a spare stitch holder...Yeah, that's about it.

With that said, I'm finding that Trina is slowly morphing into Katarzyna's Longoria Pattern. They're very similar in style; the A-line style and all, and  it's been easy to modify everything to my own liking.  So far I'm working top-down which is neither of the two patterns.  It has raglan sleeves which is more Trina, but it has detail on the L and R fronts like Longoria.  Well, "detail" is a bit of a stretch; Longoria calls for a pretty cabled design on the fronts and mine is a quick 10-stitch 2x2 rib tbl to combat the stockinette curl.  I have finished the yoke, connected the underarms and am about 3 rows into the rest of the body.  It's probably going to get boring now, what with the endless stockinette, but I still have to figure out some interesting waist shaping AND I might try making slash pockets. 

A WIP photo to come...

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