Can't Sleep, Yarn'll Eat Me...

Right after I got done saying that I don't like hording yarn, guess what ends up growing to three times its size?

I had dinner at my aunt's house on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  I came home with a full tummy, a bunch of dessert, and TWO industrial-size garbage bags stuffed with yarn. Now, two industrial bin bags may already sound like a lot, but not when there were originally five bags to dig through.

The Story: My aunt's mother passed away last year and in clearing out her house, my aunt salvaged the all of the yarn that would've otherwise gone to charity or, worse, the trash.  It's all the good stuff too; vintage wools, alpaca, mohairs,  and all of it is at least 30 years old because my SIL recognized a couple of colors from a sweater that been knit for her.  The labels are awesome.  There is no question I am keeping those.  Most suprising is the acrylic manufactured back then looked AND felt just like real wool and since there are some mystery skeins that have lost their labels, I will have to do a burn test.  You have no idea how excited I am to do that.

Top L: The top layer is mostly mystery yarn and the bottom layer are full skeins of Wintuk.  OMG, remember Wintuk? And check out the knitting basket! I will have to make a better lining because the yarn is snagging like a mofo. At the moment, I only have a t-shirt lining the bottom and front side. 

Top R: I've been looking for this robin's egg blue forever and it is finally mine.  Also, a sweater's worth of Kermit green mini-boucle from France, and a sweater's worth of black Spinnerin.  OMG, remember Spinnerin?

Bottom L: A sweater and a cardigan, both nearly complete.  The sweater is in Jaeger Alpaca sportweight moss or seed stitch, and the cardi is a nubby tweed in a mystery cross-hatchy stitch.  I was given the task of seaming them together.  Can we say "ugh."

Bottom R: Assorted wools and alpacas tucked in a zippered flight bag.  I don't live in the country or anything, but I'll take the extra step to protect my animal fibers from moths.

Everything was in bags and all of those bags were in bags which created a lot of air pockets. After I took off the plastic and got it all organized , I was able to smoosh everything down nice and compact so now it's back to a normal "yarn corner" instead of "yarn side of the room."


  1. This one time, there was this chick who was totally making fun of me because I had too much ribbon. But that's not like this at all ;)

    YAY YARN! Now get to makin' stuff.

  2. Yeah, it's not like that at all.

  3. You'll have to buy a house for your yarn soon.