Sickly. Betterly.

After dealing with a stomach bug yesterday that sent me home from work after only an hour, I'm finally feeling good enough to get out of bed.  And, since today is one of those cold, Is going to rain? Is it going to stay sunny? kind of days, I'm just going to stay indoors and play more with my YARN BALL WINDER. YARN BALL WINDER! Thanks J and A.  Seriously, how did I manage to go this long without one.  

I'm running madly around my room unearthing a bunch of unfinished projects; ones that sat totally abandoned for years, and others that I've found better use for the yarn.  Woo! Frog and ball party! With my yarn ball winder!

Here is one project that I am particularly excited about.  The mittens-part, not so much.  But look at that design and colorwork!  Giggity.  I spent part of the morning reworking the pattern so it's all one piece.  What it's going to be exactly, I don't know.  But I know it'll be enjoyable because it's not for anyone or for any occasion; it's simply because I like knitting.

Getting back to my Frog and ball party, the two yarns I want to knit with are being used in two different projects that have sat in bags waiting for their completion or demise.  Now that I have a winder, the yarn bag is going to be looking a little bit different.

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