Amigurumi Teddy


I did it. I crocheted something that is neither a granny square nor a flower but a thing! An actual! Real! Thing!

Yesterday, I was on a cleaning kick and decided to rearrange all my crap.  It ended up being a really good thing because I rediscovered FOUR craft books that I had pretty much forgotten existed.  One was how to knit with beads, one was on general knits for family and home, and the last two were knitted toys and Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts!: Amigurumi that my little cousins gifted me two years ago, either for Christmas or my birthday.

I've seen amigurumi, I love it, and I've read tutorials but I could never completely wrap my head around it because, c'mon, it's crochet and crocheting is weird. Even the word "crochet" is weird--it looks like "crotchet."  Suffice it to say I'll always be a knitter first, a hooker second.  But the designer makes it super easy with simplified illustrations, step-by-step instructions and minimal blather.

My first amigurumi, a gift for my nephew, is the Little Teddy Bear.  He is a wee bear at 5 inches tall. The only mod I made was to crochet the head and body together instead of two separate pieces, but everything else I followed to the number.  Now, to knit some clothes for the little bear.


  1. Your nephew is going to love it! Granted I don't know anything at all about knitting or crochet, but I'm always impressed with your projects. The little bear is adorable.

  2. You should make some amigurumi lemmings!