And We Have Pockets

Pockets! Pockets pockets pockets!  I used the instructions from Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book which were clear enough to get the basic constructional gist, but when it comes right down to it, I'm a visual learner so I ended up sketching out my own version using different colored pens to indicate what went where. 

The pockets required a bit of sewing (and I haven't found directions for seamless slash pocket).  I hate sewing knitted pieces together; something about a pointy needle, a long string of wool yarn that can get tangled or, worse, shredded, and the meticulousness of corresponding loops with that pointy needle and loose yarn just turns me off.  However, I discovered that I could crochet the pieces together! On crochet hooks, the end that goes through the loop is super blunt so it was easy to slip it into a loop while keeping the yarn as loose as needed.  If I missed a loop, a quick pull of the previous stitch and readjustment was all I had to do.  With sewing, I'd have to take off the needle, pull out the yarn from the offending loop, re-adjust the loops, re-thread my needle and sew it up again; it doesn't sound like it but it's a lot of work especially when you knit exclusively seamless, no-sew patterns. 

In the end, my pockets worked out very well and I'm already like 80% finished.  All that is left is the bottom ribbing, the left sleeve ribbing, and the collar (still have to figure that one out) and then Longina/Trigoria will be finished!

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