Done and Done

finished colors
edge detail finished!

Last night, I debated on adding another section of color but I don't have any more baby pastels or anything else that is also machine washable so I went ahead with the final scalloped/shell edging using up those odd remaining strands. You can see the places where I ran out before I made it to the end of the round, but that's what made this the BEST stashbuster project ever.

I would definitely do this again. Just like knitting, sewing or any other sort of creative hobby, it's the best way (at least for me) to relax. With granny squares, you can make them as big or as little as you want. There isn't much to think about. It was surprisingly portable even as it grew to blanketing proportions and I took it with me to the park once. I simply stuck a bobby pin through the loop, rolled up the whole thing with the yarn inside, and tossed the hook in my bag. And anytime I needed to pause to do something, or if I pulled a a few chains out by accident, there was always only ONE stitch to look for.

If I was going to make a gift next time, I'd use the correct hook size and matching yarn weights. Since the green and purple blanket was a stashbuster I didn't really care what it looked like. I only own three hooks which were shared between my mom and grandma and now me: a 1mm which was too tiny; the one I used, the 3.75mm/F; or the gargantuan 9mm/N. As you can tell in the pictures, the white center which was a worsted/heavy worsted tends to skews a little bit and is also slightly stiffer, while the purple sport flares out more and is more drapey.

I loved the making the scalloped edging. I used the pattern from Woolcrafting and as helpful as it was I'm a visual learner so a quick Flickr search later, I found IamSusie's photo of her granny square coasters and improvised a pattern:
*5 dc in the first loop, ch 1, sc in the next loop, ch 1*
My corners got kind of sketchy because I didn't do the math at all. I had an uneven number of loops so only two of my corners have the 5 dc scallop, the other two are only sc.
For corners: (when I got to them) end on sc, ch 1, 7 dc in the corner, ch 1, continue as normal.

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