Thursday Night Pick-me-up

After a rough-ish day of work, or whatever today's workday was supposed to be, I felt I needed to pick myself up with a personal project.

This is my scrapbooking workspace: it's just the floor of my room.  There really isn't anywhere else I'd rather work since the dining room table is overrun with plants, the mail, baby paraphernalia and assorted "stuff;" and most nights my dad is reading in the kitchen plus the ceiling light in there is an atrocious yellow that badly needs to be switched out which, now that I think of it, will be my Father's Day gift.  Check!  So, anyway, unless the house is empty and I have daytime light, I prefer crouching on my floor with all of my scrap stuff spread semi-circle around me.

Scrapbooking felt like a good pick-me-up project to help me re-energize and re-focus.  What better way to re-energize than by playing with all of my funky papers, ribbons and stickers; and re-focus by thinking about somebody else.  I'm making a unisex baby scrapbook/album which is a little more involved than I originally thought.  I have to think about the parents' personal tastes, whether they'd actually want to use it.  Plus, it's been a little difficult finding unisex baby scrapbook stuff.  It's either pink bunnies or blue dumptrucks (which, sociologically, this does not sit well with me at all) so I end up picking up "boy" things as they tend toward primary colors and less bells and whistles.  But, I digress. The point is, I LOVE making and giving presents especially when people deserve them and will appreciate them.  After a work day like today, I can quickly get over it by making something for someone else, and that is going to be the new baby in the family so I really work hard to make it look juuuust right for him or her.

I hope it's a "him."

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