867-5309... Today's Date!

I'm going to catch so much flak for my little box of ribbons. "But it's only a box of ribbon," you say. Oh, it's much more than that because it's proof that the unthinkable has started: the beginning of scrapbook obsession. It's actually been, like, 2 years in the making.

But I didn't start this alone. Two of my friends are really into scrapbooking. Like, REALLY into it. They go to this annual scrapbook convention, take a once-a-year daytrip around Northern California to hit all the major specialty scrapbook stores, parts of their homes have become dedicated to scrapbook space , and they've edged out some of their husband's or boyfriend's belongings in favor of scrapbook storage. I don't think I'll get to THAT point but so far I've already outgrown the Green Organizer (the one S passed down to J and she passed down to me) and had to find a separate box solely to hold ribbons, I have two accordian-style organizers for papers, corner punches, special acid-free pens, and more than one type of adhesive (sticky squares and snot dots), and more than two books going at once.

It's almost safe to say that this box of ribbon has signified my personal descent into the scrapbooking abyss. Or the light, if you're the enabler. Will this sickness ever end?


  1. Is that Target Dollar Spot ribbon I see? We have a ton of that too. I can't help myself...I'd love to scrapbook if I had time or was creative enough.

  2. Yes, the $1 stuff is irresistible. I didn't know how to get started at first either because all I had was paper and stickers, but there's no right or wrong way to it. It's just putting layers upon layers of stuff together to enhance a photo or a memento. If I'm stuck on something, I go to Flickr and search the scrapbooking groups to get ideas.

  3. I have been resisting scrapbooking with great effort - I have so many other "create" hobbies that don't get tended to enough already - knitting & crocheting, sewing, gardening, cooking - that I would never recover from picking up another one :-)

  4. For me, it was pretty hard to get "into" at first, and sometimes it still is because I either pre-plan so much the idea becomes inflexible, or I feel so overwhelmed by all of the Stuff that I already have (which, really, isn't all that much) that I end up overthinking and don't make anything. I had to stop myself at that ribbon box and finally start this or finish up that.