They're Multiplying

They're multiplying

The mega granny square had to be put aside during this brief Bay Area heat wave. It's slowly becoming a granny square blanket, for sure, but with the +80F temps and a heavy project made of acrylics and wools on my lap it felt like a granny square oven. And with summer quickly looming in the foreground, it'll only get warmer so I don't see myself pulling it out anytime after November.

So...MINI SQUARES, IT IS! They're cute and fast, and I want to eat them. Color-coordination has become difficult though--shiny acrylics don't go with flat wools and cottons, sport doesn't go with heavy worsted, etc., etc.--I'm stuck, in manner of speaking. To solve that, I do intend on making single-color squares, but for the mix and match look I'm finding inspiration from TV/Film and popular holidays.

Here is my list so far:
Gryffindor (Harry Potter) - burgundy, gold
Jayne hat (Firefly) - red, orange, yellow
Browncoats (Firefly) - brown
Niners - red, gold
A's - green, yellow, white
Sharks - black, teal
St. Pat's Day - a bunch of greens
Christmas - red, green

Help! What combos can you think of? I may or may not have every yarn color in the spectrum, but I always appreciate new ideas to toss around in the brainpan.


  1. Marc Citizenship - Red, White, Blue/Bleu, Blanc, Rouge

    Checkout colr.org for some ideas.

    And maybe foods! Lemon & lychee, Pierre Herme macaron combinations, peach+necatrine+apricot, dark chocolate cake & cherries, eggplant and coffee.

  2. That's a cool website. Ooooh, macarons! That's a good idea, colors of Paris.