Fancy La La

I've wandered into the fancy-la-la territory of crocheting and landed on Warm Fuzzies' free earring pattern. So pretty! However, a pain in the butt for a noob; it took several false starts and I've still only completed one so far. Also, I replaced all tr with dc.

This was made using good ol' DMC embroidery floss on a 3.5mm/E-4 hook. I think it was only hard since 1) embroidery floss is slippery and splitty, 2) I didn't have the recommended hook size, and 3) it was my first time making something this small (+ the floss, the hook, and the chains the hook made) so every part of making that earring required a lot of attention.

Would I use this pattern again (or at least complete the second earring)? YES. They're a good jumping off point to other designs, maybe use metallic cord and 3 scallops instead of 5.

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