"Just one more chain..."

Holy yarn balls. This crochet thing? Getting a little too into it, I think. Yesterday, I sat in my room crocheting like mad while listening to good ol' Alice 97.3 for probably 8 hours. Sure I got up to take food, bathroom and stretch breaks, but I was totally into my granny square. I was in the groove, in the flow; it was quite meditative.

Then, as I was putting my stuff away for the night, my wrists and knuckles were clicking. They were clicking. CLICKING. Dude, my bones were CLICKING and it IS as disturbing as it sounds. To prevent (or at least reduce further) repetitive stress I immediately stopped what I was doing and did silly-looking wrist and shoulder rotations and jazz hands for a full 5 minutes to the get the blood flowing again. I owe full thanks to Mr. Volpa, my high school typing teacher, for getting me into that habit.

Today, the veins are less bulgy and progress on the blanket has slowed of course, but that is fine. I've got a full life of knitting and crafting ahead of me, I need to save my hands.

**I have run out of the green and white/white-ish yarns. After I posted this photo I started adding some purple boucle that has been sitting untouched for about 2 years . There is over 400 yards of that stuff... should be interesting.

***Boucle sucks.


  1. Can't wait to see the finished project. And yes - I will admit to being completely sucked into a project for too many hours at a stretch. Good thing you remember the exercises from typing class!

    And good ideas for the shirts....forgot about the whole pillowcase idea. I've always wanted to try that one.

  2. I can't wait to see how it looks either. It's free-form color at this point and I.. can't... stop...!