What the fug?

This is my very, very first crochet project from about a week ago. I'm not sure what to call it except the Beginner's Ugly Crochet Swatch. The green is Target boucle (remember Target's brief foray in yarn crafting?) and green Patons Grace held together, and the yellow is Target boucle held with white Bernat Sport. Those made up a worsted/heavy worsted yarn and since it was my first swatch, I wasn't sure how knit gauge translated to crochet gauge. This was on a N/9mm hook which was kind of like crocheting with a baseball bat--that hook is huge!--and also resulted in those gargantuan-sized holes.

Anyway, I intended on making a blanket inspired by Lindamade's big ass granny square blanket and that boucle is just so darn soft. Then I took another look at that awful swatch and began fearing the day said blanket would become sentient and try to eat me. Seriously, go look at it again. Another day, and without the yarn-doubling, maybe.

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