FOs in Action!

Baby booties in action!  (via DP)
Well, as close to action as a 21-days old baby can get.

DP kindly posted a photo of his sweet girl, MMP, wearing the baby booties I made for her right after she was born.  So, I was working on the second bootie in the lunchroom at work and one of the ladies asked if I was selling them.  I shook my head apologetically and said no.  As much as I love knitting as my primary hobby once it turns, for lack of a better word, job-y my focus starts heading downhill.  Hobbies satisfy a a personal interest that is totally under your own control; not a time limit or a requirement, or a dollar amount or use value--it's always about what ever satisfaction you get from it.

My nephew playing with his Little Teddy Bear. (via LM)

My sister sent me some photos of my nephew playing with the Little Bear I gave him when they visited in February.  According to the email, he put it in his shoe and began driving him around eventually parking him in the laundry basket.  As you can see, I did knit a sweater for the Bear. On a side note, I love his fatty baby hands.

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