Mega and Muno

In February, I was commissioned for two new projects.  One was the Megaman helmet which I loved making.  It is a full adaptation of the Amelia Earhart Aviator pattern that is uniquely constructed with a ton of easy W&Ts.  It was a fun knit because it's not your traditional top-down or bottom-up hat, it's a side-to-side!  I was excited to watch it come together.

The only thing I would've done differently, had I known how the helmet was designed, was to knit the helmet peak in pattern instead of adding it afterwards.  It would've been a VERY easy addition consisting of a few rows of increases and then decreases, and bam, helmet peak.  By the time I realized how easy it would be, though, I was almost done and I did not want to rip out 2/3 of the hat.  Instead of following the garter peak as in TrinKnitty's pattern, I picked up stitches and knitted the peak on as I would as a perpendicular border.

The second project, Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba, was a little less exciting since all he was was a red tube with legs, i-cord arms, one giant eye and a duplicate-stitched mouth.  I left the bumps off because 1) that would've been too meticulous--even for me--to do the math in order to distribute bumps evenly and 2) I don't like bobbles in thin weights.  Cute, chunky bobbles are one thing, but aran/worsted weight bobbles would make him look contagious.  He came out nicely overall.  I love working out one-piece toys because I like figuring out attached limbs over the sewn-on method.

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