MMM 2010

Here, it's March Mending Month or, as I like to say it in my head, Mmmmmm 2010.  Since this weekend was a busy one full of doing NOTHING, I pulled out some things that needed a little sprucing up and/or finishing up.

The elastic smocking on a dress started coming apart at the side seam.  Fixed! See where it goes all crooked?  Yeah, that's my handy work.  Since it's a side seam, I wasn't too concerned about aesthetics. 

Not one, but two holes in my fishnet stockings.  Fixed!  Well, fixed enough since I usually layer the fishnets over black opaque stockings.

Remember the purple and tweed cowl I was making à la Cosmicpluto's Attabi Cowl (née woven stitch wrap)?  Despite loving everything about it--color, stitch pattern, everything!--I just couldn't finish it.  I did find myself hankering for a hat, though so I frogged it and knitted a tweed slouchy hat.  To add a dash of me to the very simple design, I duplicate-stitched a single neon pink heart on the side.  Don't you absolutely love my elephant refrigerator magnets?

All that is left is for MMM is to rework the sleeves on my basic black cardigan (remember Longina/Trigoria?) and put on a cute faux wooden button on the tab collar.  I want to make the sleeves a tiny bit longer.  We'll see how that goes since there is only a medium-sized ball of black yarn left after knitting N's Batman hat. 

Onto the finishing, I have two commissioned projects to finish up within the next couple of weeks.  One is a Megaman helmet and the other is Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba, both which I'll talk about later.

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