November Knitting

I normally love the summertime; warm weather, sunshine, cool drinks and good bbqs.  But, as a knitter, I eagerly await the fall and winter weather and I get really excited when the seasons turn and the days become chilly and gray.  Hello, knitting!!!

The project on top is a woven stitch cowl inspired by Cosmicpluto's Woven Stitch Wrap which, by the way, she hasn't even posted a pattern for yet but I was completely awestruck by the design and the colors that I immediately wanted one for myself in cowl-form.  The yarn, which I inherited several skeins from my aunt's massive de-stashing, is vintage Aarlen Royal Tweed in a gorgeous heather gray-brown with flecks of green, orange and burgundy. The purple yarn is some boring Vanna's Choice acrylic that was an impulse buy at Michaels for a mere $1.49, and all's I can say is you get what you pay for.  Aside from my dislike of the huge acrylic content, it's knitting up fairly quickly and I'm excited with each row.  I continue to wonder how scratchy it will be, but I kind of don't care because it's going to look amazing.

The project below is a pair of fingerless gloves in Reynolds Royale Crylor, also vintage and also from my aunt's de-stash.  This is one of my favorite shades of blue; a sort of saturated light sky blue.  I needed a pair of gloves for my morning commute but all I could find were my first pair of mittens I knitted for my first winter visit to NY.  The lack of grip (hello, steering wheel) and some fingers (hello, radio), made me rethink my glove situation. I had intended to knit Toasty, but instead I forged ahead with my own pattern aka designing as I went along.  I finished the first glove at work, and hopefully I can get the second one finished without too much second-sock/glove/sleeve syndrome.

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