In Which We are Photoless

- Knitted Hat. It's the Snow Bear Fair Isle hat. It's grey with yellow fair isle, and Jenny the Designer was right: ears make everything cuter. This is for my niece or nephew who is due to be born in late August. I think it came out rather big so s/he will likely have to wait a winter or two before s/he fits into it properly. I really hope the baby is a hat-wearer and not a hat-flinger-offer because that kid is going to be swimming in my handknits!

- Baby Scrapbook. It's for my expectant sister and brother-in-law and I'm halfway finished! I'm not sure when I'll finish the last half, though. I think I've momentarily lost my scrapbook mojo. I picked up a giant slab of fancy paper on clearance for like $5 and the pages are totally my sister's style. I need to use it up, mang.

- Blue Shawl. I started working on it during lunch at work because it was a really relaxing way to break up the day. It was coming along well. Notice the past tense. I think I've recently lost the crochet mojo as well.

I think I want to get back into full-time knitting, but the question is what to make that is a) portable, it has to fit into my messenger bag along with all the other crap I "need" to carry; b) smushable, meaning it should probably be worked on circulars because I really don't want (myself or anyone else) to get stabbed by or, worse yet, lose a needle; and c) something easy. "Easy" is the subjective word here. I don't want to make something mindless scarf, but I don't want to do something fiddly like fair isle that requires carrying multiple strands of yarn.

P.S. Grey and yellow is my new favorite color combination.

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