I Got French Yarn!

I got French yarn! I got French yarn!  So excited, I am!

SR and MP (not S and MP) came back state-side to attend our friend's wedding.  They also brought back some more Plassard Pop 3 so now I can finish the crocheted mini-shawl.

On an unrelated note...

I've been applying for new jobs since February**.  There were many reasons why I decided to look for a new job, the reasons I won't detail here of course, but throughout that nearly-half a year search I also dove into the world of DIY.  When I found myself in that uncomfortable gray area at the beginning of the year questioning my job security, worrying about student loans and overthinking the "what ifs" of otherwise beyond-my-control factors I had to quickly shift my mindset and find small victories.  The act of self-teaching requires a lot of focus, a lot of research and the desire to keep practicing and perfecting--sometimes weekly, sometimes daily.  It felt good to accomplish something new during that period of uncertainty.  Crafting is, and will likely allways be, my main hobby but it's also therapeutic.

** I got a job.  It's not a fancy dream job or anything, but it's for a place I like.  Vague enough? :)

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