Mon Crochet et Fil

Tomorrow will mark a year that I visited Paris for the first time.  It was easily one of the best trips, I think, ever.  And even though I didn't get to visit all the Major Tourist Sites (gasp! I didn't see the Mona Lisa!) I still had fun spending time with friends, eating, drinking, taking in the city and of course shopping.  For yarn!

Plassard Pop 3 <3 Blue
I picked up a ball of Plassard Pop 3 at La Droguerie in Le Bon Marche.  It's a sportweight superwash in this gorgeous shade of saturated blue that wasn't quite electric or royal blue, but  too dark to be cyan and too light to be cerulean.  Anyway, I'd never heard of Plassard, and after doing a Rav search when I got home, it seems it's only sold in France.  I should've picked up more colors!

I didn't want to relegate the single ball to another boring scarf so in the stash it went. 

The other day I pulled out a small triangular shawl I knitted out of recycled sweater yarn dyed with Kool-Aid over the winter.  I've been seeing a lot of young knitters wearing beautifully knit shawls wrapped around the neck and tied in back in a sort of cowboy-handkerchief style (not over the shoulders-grandma style) so that fashion cue plus my current obssession with crocheted scallops means I'm making the prettiest blue neckerchief ever in the world. Ever.

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