March Mending Month

My favorite bigbag, a fake Diesel messenger that I got in China for $5 USD two summers ago had begun to rip pretty badly. It wasn't all that noticeable at first. I was using two pinback buttons to hold the parts together while trying to keep the rip from going any further. However cheap materials, weak construction (it was made in China) and the fact that it's been permanently attached to my shoulder for the last couple years really added to the wear and tear.

Anyway, that huge rip in the seam of the main compartment was getting pretty out of hand so, in the spirit of March Mending Month, I mended her back to health. The fabric on the bottom section had completely frayed (where the blue line is) so I had to sew it all in a little deeper. I used a needle with a minuscule eye to prevent any further damage and made tiny, wittle stitches. It puckers here and there and I majorly screwed up towards the end--so much for diligence. The acorn squirrel and Ravelry buttons are hiding it now--but, all in all, not too shabby!

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