Hey Math Nerds, Today is 3-6-9

Man, there are babies coming out of the wazoo!  A friend of mine is due with her second bundle VERY soon and both my sister and my cousin-in-law are going to be first-time moms this year which means I must knit something for each of the little ones.   My cousin is having a boy and I'm just going to go ahead and assume my sister is having a boy also (since even if it were a girl, that child would never know pink), so I've returned to the great tool that is Adobe Kuler.  My color inspiration usually comes from kid's books, IKEA or cool websites. However, when those just aren't cutting it, I use the Kuler tool.  You choose a dominant color and it automatically comes up with the complimentary colors for you.

Look ma, I'm all technical! 

Ugh, what an ugly scheme.  What was I thinking.

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