Call it "Sock Barf"

Currently knitting: An ugly sock.

Commercial self-striping yarn is always sort of tricky. It's self-striping which means the yarn does all the work itself; just knit knit knit, watch the stripes magically appear and there are no ends to weave in. The tricky part is that the colors usually look much more attractive in the skein (R) than when actually knitted up (L). As you can see, it's not until after you cast on, knit up a piece, and stand back before you can see the real offense. This one is like Christmas and Easter and some weird pink zebra thing threw up all over itself.

Hitting up Rav, I see I'm not alone on my opinion.  Although, there are some totally adorable, non-sock knits that have been created with this colorway.  Baby pixie hat, anyone? Garter baby booties?

One good thing I've learned about sock knitting: starting at the toe is so much faster than the cuff! In one night, I've already made it up to the heel. However , now I'm torn as whether to frog it now and make teeny tiny Christmas ornaments with the individual colors, or end up with one ugly sock--and I say ONE sock because I'm returning the second skein.

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