Hi, this is Craftsontoast

Cowl in progress
^ Cowl in Lane Borgosesia Baruffa Bollicina, silk/cashmere in Gold and Charcoal.

Craftsontoast was started because I desired a space where I could separate my Regular Life from the Crafty Place in My Head; a place where I could detail the crafts I know and love and other DIYs I wanted to try out.

Domestically speaking, I grew up around sewing machines (mom), knitting needles (grandma) and home-cooking (dad). Cooking turned out to be a reccessive gene, sewing is about 80/20 on a good day, and knitting is what I truly love. I learned how to knit when I was 8, picked it up seriously when I was 22 and have been voraciously learning about knitting tools, fiber and other associated needlecrafts ever since.

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