A couple of years ago my friend, TJ, requested a Bender doll which I happily knitted for him.  To continue with the trend of his love for all that is Futurama, I knitted a companion: Philip J. Fry.

Since I love making toys Fry was another easy knit-out-as-you-go sort of patterns where I started at the head with CO 4 sts and took it from there so, unfortunately, I can't offer a pattern.  I was in a time crunch since Fry had to be mailed to Hollywood in time for TJ's birthday (which is today).

Bender and Fry
Bender and Fry (via TJM)

My least favorite part of this was Fry's hair.  I ended up knitting a separate wig-like piece that I sewed on afterward.  I couldn't quite figure out how to knit that cowlick-fauxhawk as in the animated version so I settled for a sort of half cable-half bobble turned into itself.  I know, it's totally confusing, but it is exactly what it sounds like.

A couple of my favorite things about Fry: instead of fiberfill, his legs are stuffed with thick leftover cotton yarn that I wound in mini 4" hanks so he can sort of stand upright; and his jacket is removable. I was worried that when TJ opened his gift, he might think, "Cool! Conan O'Brien!" so I added the pizza box accessory.  That was easy with a bit of cardstock folded in half, a Panucci's Pizza image via Google image search, and a pizza pie clipart (which you can't see it because it's on the inside!) were printed on 2" Avery mailing labels.


  1. do you still have the patterns

    1. Unfortunately I don't have an official pattern for Fry. Any doll pattern you find can be easily adjusted, though. He's basically an amalgamation of a few generic patterns. His head is structured like a ball, his neck is just an extra decrease row, his body is a simple tube, and his limbs are 4 separate thinner and shorter tubes which stuffed and sewn on after.

      For Bender, I tried my best create pattern but it's more like a loose set of general instructions. You can find more about how I made Bender here: http://craftsontoast.blogspot.com/2009/10/free-pattern-bender.html