On Sock-Knitting

I have to confess the same mysterious pleasure other sock-knitters have is almost the equivalent to my displeasure. Seriously, I never thought I'd knit socks as I've tried and failed many times before. Also, I've never been very interested in them when there are so many other fun things to knit. My very first sock was ONE Pomatomus and it looked awesome, and I was proud of myself since it's such a daunting pattern, but I just couldn't quite get myself excited to make the other--Second Sock Syndrome, aaaaugh! However, socks are usually handy in pairs or so I've heard, so it sat useless in the yarn pile. Being Pomatomus, a beautiful and cleverly designed pattern itself, I couldn't bear to frog the whole sock so I frogged the foot, extended it 3 inches to make a long tube, made a second long tube and gave myself a pair of Pomatomus legwarmers. Much happier, am I.

So, socks are nice but legwarmers are better and to be fairly honest I doubt if I will knit socks again.

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